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BabyCenter: Twin Fetal Development Series

image: BabyCenter 4 weeks pregnant with twins " This week, your babies (at the beginning stage of blastocysts) will  implant  into your uterine wall and develop into embryos. The placenta, amniotic sac, and yolk sac will begin developing to support your babies." 8 weeks pregnant with twins "At 8 weeks pregnant with twins, you've likely seen (or will soon see) your babies on an ultrasound. Pregnancy symptoms at this time include morning sickness, bloating, food cravings or distaste, fatigue, breast changes, frequent urination, and increased vaginal discharge." 12 weeks pregnant with twins   Your babies are growing and developing very quickly at this stage of pregnancy. They have faces, limbs, and organs now and they're taking up your entire uterus, which can now be felt by your provider above your pubic bone. 16 weeks pregnant with twins " You're 16 weeks pregnant with twins and in the second trimester of pregnancy! You may be experiencing new sympto

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